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Folding Daggers and Dirks



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This gallery shows designs that are quite popular
and have been for a long time.
These are very recognizeable examples that
aren't really accesible at the local store.
Folding Dirks and Folding Daggers can be made
in a variety of sizes and handle dressings.
Contact Rocket Knives to inquire about
custom folding knives made to order.

Details about each version is along with the picture of each knife.
Rocket Handmade Knives         Folding Dagger in ironwood

Above shows a really nice version of a well-known design.
This folding dagger has a 3 1/2" blade made from 1/8" thick damasteel.
The frame is heat-colored 6Al4v titanium.
Bolsters are "checkerboard" mosaic carbon damascus steel.
Handle is presentation grade desert ironwood.
Carved ambidextrous thumbstuds. Fileworked Damasteel backspacer.

Price for a similar piece is USD$750.


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Below is a slimmer version of the big brother, the dagger.
This folding dirk has a 3" blade made from
3/32" thick 6k cobalt-based steel.
The frame is heat-blued 6Al4v titanium.
The handle is rare blue mammoth ivory, bolstered by
blued mosaic carbon damascus steel.
Fileworked carbon damascus steel backpiece.
Contact Rocket Knives for a price with different handle choices.

Price for a similar folding dirk is USD$800.

Rocket Handmade Knives         folding dirk in blue mammth ivory
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Below shows a full-sized folding dagger.
It has a 4" blade made from 1/8" thick 440c stainless steel.
Heat colored 6Al4v titanium frame. The handle is black linen micarta.
"Skull crusher" ends with custom "ball point" clip. Carved thumbstud.

Price for a similar large folding dagger is USD$600.

Rocket Custom Knives Liner         Locking Folding dagger in black micarta
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