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Eastern Designs Gallery

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This gallery shows a few designs that are inspired by the East.
These are very recognizeable examples that are made traditionally,
done the same way as have been made for years.
Knives & swords can be made in a variety of sizes and handle dressings.
Contact Rocket Knives to inquire about
custom knives & swords made to order.

Details about each version is along with the picture of each knife.
Rocket Knives traditional tanto with thuya burl handle and saya

Above shows a really nice version of well-known design. This full-sized tanto has a long sweep to its' 12 1/2" blade made from 1/4" thick 440c stainless steel. Overall length (including sheath) is 19". The copper tsuba butts against a hibachi made from carbon damascus steel. Handle and saya (sheath) are presentation grade stabilized thuya burl. Two removable stainless steel pins support the removable handle. Elephant ivory "dots" further decorate the saya. Saya is velvet lined to protect the finish on the blade. Price for a similar piece is USD$1500.

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Below is an older piece, but still impressive. Resembling more the middle-eastern flair. This one has an 21" blade made from 1/4" thick 440c stainless steel. The "S" shaped guard and the ferrule is 60/40 yellow brass. The handle is fossilized walrus ivory.
Contact Rocket Knives for a price with different handle choices

Rocket Knives middle-eastern scimitat with fossil walrus ivory handle
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Below shows a full-sized katana. It has a 21" blade made from 1/4" thick 440c stainless steel. Copper hibachi and tsuba. The handle is white micarta. Saya is black laquered hardwood.

Rocket Knives full-sized traditional katana with black laquered saya
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