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Custom Knife Options



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Use this page as a guide to some of the options available for custom knives.
Many options are available only to custom knives.

Handle Materials

Rocket Knives offers a variety of ivories from around      the world

Various Types of Ivory

Rocket Knives offers a variety of salt water shell from     around the world

Fresh and Salt Water Shells


Rocket Knives offers desert ironwood from the Sonoran    desert

Desert Ironwood


Rocket Knives offers mesquite wood handle material from          South Texas

South Texas Mesquite

Rocket Knives offers a variety of          stabilized woods

Dyed and Stabilized Woods

Many other handle choices are available.
Please contact Rocket Knives
with any ideas for handle material not mentioned here.

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Blade Steels

Here are some of the more common blade steels used
and asked for by Rocket Knives customers

440c stain-resistant steel
ATS34 stain-resistant steel
CPM s35vn stain-resistant steel
CPM 154cm stain-resistant steel
CPM 3v tool steel
A2 tool steel

Other steel types are available. Please Contact Rocket Knives
to inquire about specialty steels for knife blades.

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