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This gallery shows timeless designs that are quite popular
and have been for a long time.
Lock blade folding knives can be made in a variety of
models, sizes and handle dressings.
In general, any lock blade design can be converted to a liner lock
or slip joint, and can be made with screws or permanent pins.
Contact Rocket Knives to inquire about
custom folding knives made to order.

Details about each version is along with the picture of each knife.
Rocket Handmade        Knives Persian Design Lock Blade Folding Knife
Above shows a really nice version of a lock blade.
This Persian design lock blade folding knife has a 3 1/2" blade
made from 1/8" thick carbon damascus steel.
The frame is fileworked &heat-colored 6Al4v titanium.
Bolsters are "checkerboard" mosaic carbon damascus steel.
Handle is elephant ivory.
This particular lock blade is put together with screws,
instead of using permanent pins.

Price for a similar piece is USD$850.

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Below is a two-blade version of the
Persian design above.
We call this one our folding hunter.
This lock blade has the same 3 1/2" blades as version above,
it just has two of them.
The frame is 410 fileworked stainless steel.
The handle is white micarta, soldered bolsters of 416 stainless steel.
This version put together with permanent pins.
Contact Rocket Knives for a price with different handle choices.

Price for a similar folding hunter is USD$750.
Rocket Handmade Knives 2      blade Folding Hunter

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Below shows a medium-sized lock blade folder.
It has a 3" blade made from 3/32" thick 440c stainless steel.
Heavily fileworked 410 stainless steel frame.
The handle desert ironwood, bolstered by 70-30 yellow brass. 

Price for a similar lock blade folding knife is USD$350.
The brass escutcheon is extra.
Rocket Handmade      Knives medium sized lock blade folding knife

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