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This gallery shows a few different versions of Integral Knives.
Different handle materials, blade lengths and even handle dressings
can change the way that the knife looks and feels.
Contact Rocket Knives for prices or information about
different blade steels and handle materials.

Descriptions are with the picture of each knife.
Rocket Handmade Knives sub-hilt integral knife

Above shows the latest design in the Rocket Knives line.
The inegral is made from one piece of steel.
The blade is fashioned from the thicker piece of steel.
This knife has a 5 1/2" blade made from 3/8" thick A2 tool steel.
Handle inlays are mammoth ivory.

Price for this integral sub-hilt fighting knife is USD$850.

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Below shows another integral.
This one has an 3 1/2" blade
made from 3/8" thick A2 tool steel.
Handle material is blue coral.

Price for a similar piece is USD$750.
All integrals are furnished with a custom fitted leather sheath.

Rocket Handmade Knives integral       hunting knife

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Below shows a slightly different version of the integral knife.
This prostitutes' knife has a 5" blade made from
5/16" thick 440c stainless steel.
This knife displays handle scales,
instead of the inlays as feautured in the integral pieces above.
The handle is goldlip mother-of-pearl.

Price for a 5" integral prostitutes' knife with
mother-of-pearl handle scales is USD$650.
Rocket      Knives integral prostitutes' dagger

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